From the farm to the fork!
How do we put food (fruit & vegetable) on our tables? Once, people simply relied on their small familiar local farmers. Today, because of increasing rate of population & urbanism, we depend on a very larger web of growers, Packers, shippers, manufacturers,retailersaswellas Cargo Transportation systemand modern smart storing industry body.
Focusing on health and quality, FDC does play a key role in improving and upgrading all the international standards in storing and distribution of fruit & vegetables, from springheads to consumers table. We are proud of distributing health!
Our quick & vast distribution web shrinks the country and diminishes all distances. Since fruit & vegetables form part of a healthy balanced diet, FDC thinks about changing inappropriate currentIraqi family plateinto a full of yummy and fresh fruit and vegetables one!

Erbil Food Distribution Center

98 kilograms of fruits and vegetables is used per person in Iraq. This makes this country one of the major consumers of these products in the region. Due to recent droughts and water reduction in Dejleh & Forat rivers, fruit and vegetable production in Iraq has been reduced to one third and two third of domestic needs are supplied by importing from neighboring countries.

There are several fascinating points in investment in fruit and vegetable domain in Erbil as capital of Kurdistan; social & economical security, geopolitical situation, access to other cities of Iraq and borders,..

This center is to fulfill Erbil requirements to access agricultural and garden products from a centralized and integrated place to store, purchase and process them. Construction & development is planned in three phases in an area of 507000 m2. The project location is 9 Km far from the city center of Erbil, close to the old agricultural product distribution center.

Phase 1

Phase 1 execution and tabulation was started in year 2010 which includes: 5 exposition hall with each area of 8000 m2 (50m*160m) & 40000 m2 totally 40 private cold storage with volume of 430 m3 (14*4.5*7) 1 private cold storage with capacity of 5,000 ton 18600 m2 of road construction with 355000 m3 of substructure

Phase 2

Phase 2 of food distribution center will be constructed in an area of 55000 m2, east of phase 1. Phase 2 execution operation is predicted to be completed in 3 years.
Total area of buildings and structures of phase 2 is estimated to be around 143500 m2.

Persenstion 1
Persenstion 2