From the farm to the fork!
Who are we ?

As a Smart & Creative Solution, Erbil Fruit & Vegetables Distribution Center is a cooperation between Redyar Company as project & civil works executer, IT Department by Sinatel Company & Investor of the project Neat Solutions Holding.

What is FDC?

Erbil Modern smart Fruit & Vegetables Distribution Center with comprehensive & self-sufficient services, equipment & facilities, located in 4 km west of Erbil with exceedingly good access to highways & Erbil International Airport in area about... … m² for storing & distributing fruits & vegetables all over the year throughout the whole country is going to be the most modern & biggest fruit & vegetables distribution center in the region, Middle East!

What do we (FDC Team) do?

In order to helping to increasing the rate of health in society by easy & continual access to fresh fruit & vegetables, FDC Team is going to provide the best condition for all the wholesalers activating in the complex by ultra smart Cold Storages & distribution network,during all over the year throughout the whole country ,in two following pivots:

From the farm to the fork!

How do we put food (fruit & vegetable) on our tables? Once, people simply relied on their small familiar local farmers. Today, because of increasing rate of population & urbanism, we depend on a very larger web of growers, Packers, shippers, manufacturers,retailers as well as Cargo Transportation system and modern smart storing industry body.

Providing high quality storing facilities

Focusing on health and quality, FDC does play a key role in improving and upgrading all the international standards in storing and distribution of fruit & vegetables, from springheads to consumers table. We are proud of distributing health!

Providing high speed & vast distribution facilities

Our quick & vast distribution web shrinks the country and diminishes all distances. Since fruit & vegetables form part of a healthy balanced diet, FDC thinks about changing inappropriate current Iraqi family plate into a full of yummy and fresh fruit and vegetables one!